'Why Not'

When it comes to stopping, you often get to hear all sorts of excuses. Below are some common ones, each with a possible answer.

"I really do not want to quit smoking."

Without addiction, you would not 'not want'. The not-wanting is a component of the addiction itself. The addiction is a brainwashing that makes you want to smoke.

"I get fatter from it."

Through purely physical cause, you take at most a few pounds, and through a healthy way of life (including better condition by not smoking) you can easily lose that again. Excessive eating is also a kind of addiction. By handling your smoking addiction in a good way, you also create a greater chance to handle an eating addiction in a good way.

"Uncle Charles became so old and never had bad health."

Without smoking, he would even have felt himself much better and almost certainly have lived longer for years.

"I don’t have enough willpower."

Just the idea that you wouldn’t have enough willpower, makes it even more difficult for you. Purely using willpower against an addiction is actually very inefficient. Use your willpower not to fight the addiction, but to create favorable conditions for yourself so that the addiction spontaneously dissolves. Therein your willpower is indeed efficient.

"I like smoking cigarettes."

1) This is also a sign of addiction. 2) It is not because you find a poison 'tasty' that you should take it. 3) By smoking, your taste decreases and you will find other things less tasty.

"I've already stopped often and always relapse. I don’t manage it anyway."

Many people who quit for good, have done so after multiple attempts of smoking cessation. Usually, such an attempt represents an aggressive fight against yourself. So try it now in a fundamentally different way.

"A cigarette relaxes me."

If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, then 30 minutes after a cigarette you will feel strained because of the withdrawal from the previous one. The ‘relaxation’ is then only a reduction in the tension that the cigarette itself causes. The same argument applies to concentration improvement.

"I have great fear of withdrawal symptoms after quitting smoking."

Withdrawal symptoms are primarily the result of psychological addiction. By handling this with an appropriate method, you can reduce them drastically.