Why is it important for your company?For a company it is very important that employees do not smoke. For example, large-scale studies have shown that smokers take two to four times more sick days than non-smokers. But even if one is present at work, smoking results in a clear loss of productivity ('presenteeism'), both by the direct impact of the cigarette and by health problems resulting from it.

Moreover, smokers are more likely to prematurely leave the labor market. This often means a painful loss of expertise for the company .

How?Smoking cessation – the total plan consists of:

  • a half day (4 to 5 hours) of training during which the principles of the method are taught in an intensive way and are thoroughly practiced
  • face-to-face consultations
  • AurelisOnLine (smoking cessation, and much more!)
  • the book ‘Stop smoking, do it yourself’ by Dr. Mommaerts, in pdf
  • email consultancy for 3 months (up to 3 emails per participant)
  • a daily reminder via email in the form of a little advice and encouragement to keep working on becoming a non-smoker
  • personal consultancy (not included in the price of the overall plan)

In dialogue with the company, the elements are highlighted that best meet the needs and expectations. We are always very flexible toward achieving an optimal solution.

Where?The workshop takes place at your company or in our own spaces (Antwerp).

In which languages is the workshop offered?This service is given in Dutch, French and English.

Interested?You can always contact us to discuss this further.