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Tobacco smoking is one of the largest causes of preventable illness and death. Up to two in three people who smoke throughout their lifetime will die from their habit, and they will die on average 10 years earlier than people who do not smoke.


In most cases, to quit smoking means to start a fight against yourself as well as against the addiction inside you.

With AURELIS there is no fight against anything. The aim of AURELIS is to support you in growing-beyond. As an addictive smoker, you can grow beyond your addiction and into a non-smoker again.

Growing beyond the addiction gives several advantages:

  • little to no withdrawal symptoms
  • no yearlong fight against the addiction
  • no ‘communicating vessels’ towards depression, gaining weight or other addictions
  • no sense of losing a very important part of yourself

Do you really want to quit smoking?

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With AURELIS, you can work stand-alone or with additional coaching. You can combine it with any other method.


  • sessions of AurelisOnLine
  • Read&Do experience
  • more insightful information, see 'Academy'
  • motivational MiniMails (soon)
  • additional coaching at your request at MyAurelisCoaching
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